Banging on about the Trades




It is not uncommon for careers counsellors to   discourage young people from entering manual trades. The transition to computer-based knowledge work over the last 20 or so years has led to an ever-increasing  number of school leavers entering university for such work, leading to a shortage of skilled trades and craftsmen. Dependence on cheap imports in Australia by consumers has reduced demand for tradesmen,  leading to a dramatic reduction in the numbers of available trades courses and teachers of trades.

But the Australian Government projects employment growth in the 5 years to 2018 in Building and Construction at 10.1% and in Machinery Repair and Maintenance at 13.9%! These bright spots in a bleak  employment outlook should encourage job seekers to look closely at these areas. See

We need to recognise trades as worthy work, capable of offering intellectual challenge and work satisfaction. The gradual disengagement from manual work has de-skilled our workforce, with many knowledge  workers unable to even change a light bulb or adjust their ergonomic chair. 

Scot Weeks (Managing Director)