Insurers / Agents

Axis Injury Management understands the important responsibilities and contributions of service providers to the successful management of work injuries. We work closely with insurers and scheme agents to quickly facilitate safe and durable return to work programs. We provide accurate and timely information in assessing and managing work injury and illness. 

How do we achieve this?

  • Manage and coordinate medical liaisons to ensure treatment is focused on and translates into Return to Work upgrades and outcomes. 
  • Work with employers to identify Suitable Duties and educate them on cost drivers for their premiums.
  • Understand the role that alternative medical opinions have within the process to assist difficult cases progress toward a return to work outcome.

Our aim is to help injured employees to return to work as soon as medically possible, which assists in controlling the associated costs of treatment and lost time. Our Consultants actively contribute to the successful management of treatment by communicating their professional opinions in a clear and timely manner to treating professionals. 

Our consulting team is the most experienced in the industry. We offer extensive expertise from professionally qualified staff including: 

  • Occupational Therapists; 
  • Psychologists; 
  • Physiotherapists; 
  • Rehabilitation Counsellors;
  • Job Placement Consultant. 

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