Medical Case Conferencing

A Medical Case Conference involves the attendance by Axis Injury Management at a medical review with the worker to facilitate discussion with the treating practitioner, be that with the treating doctor or other health professional. A Medical Case Conference occurs regularly throughout the course of a workplace rehabilitation program and is instrumental in delivering a cohesive return to work program. 

Why refer?

  • To develop a collaborative approach with the worker and their treating doctor or other health professional. 
  • To promote discussion about the vocational goals and agreement on how to achieve them. This helps ensure that all parties are working towards that goal, and there is clear alignment between the treatment and employment goals. 
  • To review treatment efficacy and outcomes, and provide support to implement Nominated Treating Doctor recommendations related to Treatment and medical investigations. 
  • Provide Nominated Treating Doctor with Worksite Assessment information and discuss proposals for Suitable Duties and Return to Work programs. 

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