Return to Work Management of Psychological Injury

Psychological injury claims make-up a significant proportion of claims costs both within the NSW Workers Compensation System and the Australia Federal Government (Comcare) Workers Compensation System. Psychological Injury claims can have a devastating impact on the injured individual and their families.

Axis Injury Management strives to ensure a coordinated and cohesive approach to treatment for injured workers and ensure Return to Work and treatment goals are integrated. Close liaison with the treatment professionals / Treating Doctor / Treating Specialist is conducted to ensure appropriateness of the Return to Work goals. 

Why Refer?

  • Psychological injuries tend to be complex in nature and can result from a number of different workplace issues.
  • Axis Injury Management employs a team Psychologists and Rehabilitation Counsellors who all possess extensive skills and experience to allow them to effectively assess, manage and assist clients with Psychological injuries in their recovery from injury and return to the workforce. 
  • Educating the workplace on what to expect when an individual with Psychological Injury returns to the workplace and the best ways to support their employee in this situation. 
  • To provide rehabilitation counselling support and facilitate communication between the treatment providers. 

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