Vocational Assessment / Transferable Skills Assessment

What is a Vocational Assessment / Transferable Skills Assessment?

Transferable Skills Assessments and Vocational Assessments are services aimed at assisting workers who are no longer able to return to work with their pre-injury employer, to identify fields of employment (Vocational Goals) in which they can seek new work. These assessments take into consideration factors such as a client’s previous work history, skills, interests, aptitudes, as well as the local labour market. In addition to these factors consideration is given to matching these factors with the clients’ physical and/or psychological level of functioning to ensure the suitability of the vocational goals identified.

These assessments can include various Occupational Interest Inventories and Aptitude \ Ability tests and are tailored to suit the individual circumstances of each client.

Why refer to Axis Injury Management?

Axis Injury Management employs highly qualified Psychologists and Rehabilitation Counsellors who have multiple years to experience in performing Vocational and Transferable Skills Assessments.

  • You require outplacement services for an employee.
  • You are seeking redeployment options within your organisation for an employee.

What is the aim / benefit of a Transferable Skills / Vocational Assessment?

A thorough and appropriate assessment of a Client’s vocational capacity is an important tool for guiding the remainder of the Client’s redeployment program and can ensure that time and resources are spent efficiently focussing on Vocational Goals in which the Client is motivated to work and where they are likely to be successful in gaining new employment.

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