Work Trial Placements

Work experience placements or Work Trials can greatly enhance an individual's chances of a successful transition to paid employment. Axis Injury Management has consistently shown itself to be able to identify and place workers into placements that lead to employment or the development of new employment skills. Our unchallenged local network of employment contacts can offer placements at short notice, many of which lead to employment.

Why Refer?

  • To access the most appropriate Work Trial in a timely manner.
  • To assess an individual's capacity and motivation for employment.
  • To identify and develop an individual's tolerances for employment and support a graded increase in hours.
  • To provide an injured employee opportunity for skills development and on-the-job training.
  • To allow an employer to trial an injured worker, prior to offering an employment position.
  • To support an injured worker’s psychological transition and adjustment to injury in a workplace, without the additional pressure of meeting performance standards as an employee.

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